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Lengthen the Life of Your Appliances With Appliance Services

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3 Common Refrigerator Problems and How to Address Them

You rely on your refrigerator every day to store drinks, keep your dairy products cold, and to maintain a reasonable temperature. While they are reliable much of the time, there are some problems that tend to be common among this type of appliance. Here are some common refrigerator problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Water is Leaking

If you find water leaking underneath or around the perimeter of your refrigerator, it is likely either due to the drain tube or the ice maker. If you have an ice maker in the refrigerator, that is the first thing to check, as it tends to be the most common cause of water puddles. There is a line in the ice maker that might have a leak due to wear or cracks. Follow the ice maker to the line and look for signs of wear. It may need to be replaced. Another problem is having the drain plug blocked, which is near the back of the fridge, close to the ice maker line. After unplugging the refrigerator, find the drain plug and clear it out with a turkey baster filled with warm water. You can also try adding some bleach to the warm water when clearing it out.

The Refrigerator Doesn't Stay Cold

There are a few different temperature issues you might face with your refrigerator, though it not staying cold is usually the most common one. If you find that it is just not staying cold enough even after turning down its thermostat, you probably have an issue with air leaking out. If the seal of your refrigerator door is starting to wear away, cold air is getting out, and warm air is getting in. This will prevent it from reaching the cold temperature you need and sustaining the temperature long enough to cool the food. After checking the door's seal, also check that the gaskets are tight and the pump is working properly, as these can also be culprits.

Your Energy Bill is Going Up

When your energy bill starts going up, you should check issues with large appliances, such as the refrigerator. If your fridge tends to cycle on and off often, which you can usually hear, it is likely the cause of the energy bill hike. Every time the refrigerator cycles on, it uses up a lot of energy. This is likely due to an issue with the condenser coils, which help to keep the fridge cool and also keep out dust and debris. Turn off the refrigerator and finds the coil. A vacuum attachment works great at cleaning the coils, though you may also need to wipe them off with a rag.

If you need help with fridge repair, call a professional.