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Lengthen the Life of Your Appliances With Appliance Services

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Essential Tapware Must-Haves for People Who Love to Cook

If you love to cook, you need tapware in your kitchen that supports your hobby. Rather than just looking for the most stylish tap, you should look for tapware that's functional enough to improve your cooking experience. In particular, here are a few features you should consider:

1. Single-lever taps

If a tap has separate hot and cold controls or if it has knobs that you need to grip and turn, it can be hard to use when you are cooking. In particular, if your hands are full or dirty, you may not be able to easily grasp your tap and turn it on.

Instead, you need a tap that you can turn on and off with your elbow. A single lever tap may be the best option as you can turn it on and off or hotter or colder pretty easily without using your hands.

2. Spray nozzles

As a busy cook, you likely have sauces, potato peels or other things that end up in your sink. If you want to be able to clean your sink relatively easily, you need a tap with a spray nozzle.

You can purchase tapware that has a nozzle separate from the main tap, or you can purchase tapware that has a spray nozzle built into the main tap. Essentially, if the nozzle is integrated, you pull on the end of the faucet. Then, a small sprayer detaches from it, and you can use that to spray the sink or other items.

3. Hot water taps

A hot water tap is a tap that exclusively dispenses hot water. This is water that is basically boiling, and you can use it to cook veg, make tea or for a range of other things. It can really help to speed up the process while you are cooking.

4. Pot filler taps

A pot filler tap is a must-have if you love making soups or stocks. Rather than being situated by your sink like the rest of your kitchen tapware, a pot filler tap sits above your stove. Then, if you are making stock, you put your stock pan on the back burner closest to the tap, and if you need to add water, you don't have to move the stock pot or carry water over. Instead, you can just turn on the pot filler tap and add water easily.

For more guidance on what sort of tapware your kitchen needs, contact a tapware specialist.